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Saturday, January 16, 2010

My new favourite find is e.t. - erin tyner

Everyone now knows that I love ETSY. I now go there first when looking for any gift. I love personalized items, so on a whim I typed my name - "erin" and found the most wonderful photographs by a talented artist named erin tyner (yes- we have the same initials too) that I just had to have. erin's etsy site features her Half Awake series, an ongoing series featuring miniature figures that she prints in two sizes 6"x6" or 8"x8".

What the gift geek thinks you need to know:
Photos come unframed.
Safely package and quick delivery
Great communication with seller
6"x6" - $20 each (printed on 8”x10” matte archival paper
8"x8" - $32 (printed on 8.5”x11” matte archival paper)
Shipping t0 Canada - $5USD
Oh- and you won't be disappointed

I purchased these three:

I plan on framing them similar to how Erin displays them on her site:

There are a variety of minatures photos. I have raved about these photos to my colleagues and friends and everyone agrees that they are just fabulous. One colleague is thinking about purchasing a few for her daughter's bedroom. How fabulous would that look?!

Kudos to erin for her talent and for putting a smile on my face every time I look at the photos. I think I am going to hang the photos above my bed.

If you place an order - make sure you tell erin that the "gift geek" sent you. Don't you think erin would do well at the Toronto One of a Kind Show? I know her photos would make me stop and look!

Keep your gifts unique-
The gift geek

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My friend made my day ...

Need a thoughtful and quick gift to send to your friends, check out EAT MY WORDS. After a couple of tough weeks at work, my dear friend Amy sent me a hat box of delicious Lola mini cup cakes from Eat my Words. The pretty flowers on the top makes them look far too good to eat - but my colleagues and I shared.

Their delightfully decorative, and divinely delicious edibles help to raise money and awareness for the Stephen Lewis Foundation, whose tireless efforts on behalf of those in such dire situations warrants all the help we can give.

These cupcakes are a great alternative to flowers and the presentation receives an A++. Thanks to Amy for brightening my day! A couple days later I actually sent a box of these cup cakes to my friend Malia and her husband Vic as a house warming gift. They too enjoyed these cup cakes.

Here is a photo of the box of cup cakes I received. Aren't they fabulous?

Check out Eat My Words for some of their other delicious treats.

Every mouthful is made with only the finest ingredients. NO preservatives, emulsifiers, lard, or margarine.
Although none of our cakes, cookies or brownies are made with nuts - please be aware that we are not a designated nut free bakery.
Eat My Words treat boxes can be delivered anywhere in the GTA. MonkeyBiz items can be shipped anywhere.

Happy gift giving -
The Gift Geek