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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Crazy About Cuff links!

I was faced with the question: What do I buy a Carpenter/Student with his own distinct style? My gift giving answer - cuff links of course.

Some of you may think I am crazy, but I assure you, this gift ended up being a hit.

Now a days you can get cuff links to suit anyone's lifestyle.

For my good friends 30th birthday I decided to purchase him cartoonish chainsaw cuff links by Toronto Artist - Hoi ($36).

The cuff links are brass plated. Icons are enamel colour fill on brass. The cuff links feature strong torpedo double swivel backs for ease of use. No nickel contents.

Before finding these at Toronto store Propaganda (also available online at Shopaganda) I searched the web for several other carpentry related cuff links. Here are some of of my favourites:

Saw and Hammer cuff links ($39.95)
Hammer and Nail cuff links ($29.99)
and my all time favourite:
Phillips Head Screw cuff links ($85)

Other fun cuff links that made me smile are:
Alarm Clock Cuff links
Antique Watch Movement Cuff links
Infinity Cuff Links
Three Monkey Cuff Links

Check-out the online store Cuff Daddy for a wide variety of cuff links, including a great selection designed for women.

Happy Gift Giving!
The Gift Geek

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