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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Another great baby shower gift idea - at least I think so.

My friend Amy and I were excited to be invited to our friend Denise's baby shower. We spoke about possible gifts and settled on an idea ... granted an idea I stole from a facebook friend. We decided to start the baby a library!

The library would consist of two bookends and as many books as we could purchase, keeping in mind our budget.

I went to Chapters/Indigo and found the most adorable bookends by a company named Zuny. The ends are sold separately for $29.99 a piece. For the most part, the bookends are animals and there is quite the variety to choose from. Chapters had five choices and I decided to pick-up the Elephant and a Lion.

I wrapped it up nicely with the books we picked up to help start the babies library and voila!

These bookends are also designed to work as door stops, so I wasn't too upset when Denise received a second elephant (her favourite animal). I was apparently not as original as I thought.

As I mentioned, I stole this idea from my friend Jordana. How nice do these bookends look on her son's bookshelf??!!!! GORGEOUS!

Note: The bookshelf itself is from ducduc -- an American company. Designed in NYC and built in Connecticut from sustainable wood. www.ducducnyc.com. Purchased from Ella & Elliot in Toronto.

Back to the shower ...

Denise's shower was a lovely luncheon event at Fire on the East Side. The meal was delicious, the conversation was great and Denise was glowing. She is such a beautiful expectant mother.

One of Denise's friends made cupcakes for each of the shower guests to take home with them. They were amazingly delicious and so cute.

The chick is made of cake that was dipped in white chocolate. YUM!

Denise said her husband liked the idea of receiving books for their new baby. I hope they will enjoy reading these books to their baby for years to come.

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