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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Favourite Baby Shower Gift #2 - Baby Clothes are like Cupcake Sprinkles

I was talking to my colleague Kim about the best and the worst baby gifts she has received over the past couple months as she awaits the arrival of her baby boy. She made a good point. In her option, when the gender of a baby is known, people typically purchase clothes for the baby, rather that the necessities - eg. thermometers, baby monitors etc. While Kim makes a good point, I am hoping there is room for compromise?

My advice, if you find a reasonably priced baby/toddler outfit that "you just have to buy," don't make this the only gift. Keep in mind what new parents need most and perhaps even consider checking with your other friends to see if they are interested in pitching in on a larger scale gift, such as a baby swing, car seat or highchair.

I often buy an affordable outfit to go along with the main gift. Here are a few adorable clothing ideas that I love!

Vancouver based Parade sells 100% chemical free certified organic cotton onesies and tees, with nickle free closures. Each item comes in a tiny reusable bag - so you don't even have to wrap the gift. The monkey design is my favourite!

Parade was voted "Best Organic Line" by Canadian Family Magazine.

I found the next unique piece of baby clothing after my friend Krista posted this super cute photo. I couldn't stop laughing and had to know where she got this hilarious shirt. The answer CafePress Canada.
I have said before I am a bargain shopper! I have realized that buying cute gifts doesn't mean you have to pay full price. My first stop for any gift - Winners. I have purchased some of the cutest Ralph Lauren baby outfits from Winners for a fraction of the price. The last baby RL outfit I purchased was only $12 (regular pricing over $30)

Baby Clothes are like Sprinkles
My "mama" friends have taught me that clothes may not be the #1 gift to give, but think of them like the sprinkles on a cupcake. You don't always need sprinkles on a cupcake, but when you get them, you can't complain! Look how cute they are!

Keep searching for cute baby clothes. I'd love to hear about your finds.
The Gift Geek

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