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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Favourite Baby Shower Gift #3 - You want more?

The first company I worked for upon graduating from university was great! It had a great culture and the people were one-of-a-kind. When we learned clients were expecting a child, we often sent them the Sign with Your Baby Complete Learning Kit, which enables parents to communicate at new levels with their baby long before he/she can speak.

Baby Shower Gift #3
Gift - Sign with Your Baby Complete Learning Kit
Where to buy? Amazon.com
Note: Check other online retailers and bookstores as well. Just be sure you purchase the DVD version, unless you want VHS
Cost? $$32.97 (includes shipping and taxes)
How did I find it? A colleagues recommendation

I was fortunate enough to have several conversations with Dr. Joseph Garcia regarding his system and how it works. The package comes with a book, video, and reference guide that shows how kids can communicate many ideas such as "I'm hungry" or "help me."

I have seen first hand how well this product works. While visiting a cottage with my good friends one weekend, little Ava woke up and was hungry. She walked to the floor with her mom and was able to indicate she wanted "more" eggs by using the baby sign-language she had learned.

111 of 146 reviewers rated this product 5 Stars. Remember, always read the customer reviews. Reviews don't only tell you if the product is good or bad, they also give helpful hints on how to use the product to its full potential.

Good luck finding the perfect gift!
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