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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tangled Jewelery?

I decided that after my friends turned 30, I would only give gifts on milestone birthdays - eg. 40th (I can't dare say the number 50 quite yet!)

My friend Amy on the other hand is someone that I typically always buy a gift for. I hope she enjoys receiving the gifts as much as I enjoy buying them for her.

Over the past year I have tried to keep a list of things Amy likes and doesn't have. During visits to my condo, there have been a few times where she has commented on my necklace stand, so I made the decision to get her one.

Gift Idea: Necklace Stand
Price: $42.99
Store: Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has several variations of necklace holders, but I like this style the best. They often run out, so check back if the style you want is not there. I use my necklace holder for: necklaces, head bands and bracelets. Not only do these holders look great, you'll never have a tangled necklace ever again. My holder came in brass with colour accents, however Amy's, which is the same design, came in a muted silver tone. I recommend against the brass as it may mark your counter tops if it gets wet. I learned the hard way. Below is a photo of my stand.

Urban Outfitters also sells miniature holders for bracelets, (matching the design of the necklace holder) standing at approximately 2.5 inches. Very cute!

Another jewelry item that they sell is a ring dish. There are some really nice ones. You can use this holder for your rings, bobby pins, earrings, elastics ... really anything that is small.

Here are some other jewelry stand designs that Urban Outfitters offers online:

Visit Urban Outfitters Online or your local store for more jewelery stand designs.

Yours in gift giving,
The Gift Geek

1 comment:

  1. These look great - I want to keep some for my mom for xmas for her to display her jewelry creations in style. Now, I just have to remember to pick one up between now and then - thanks for the great gift idea.
    - Malia