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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby Shower Gift #2 - Find a theme and go with it!

Who wants to give the same gift that another shower guest has purchased? Not me!

My wonderful friend Amy and I hosted a baby shower for our dear friend Jill after she gave birth to her first baby Ava. I decided I wanted to create a theme gift. Think The Price is Right. You know how one showcase in the showcase show down is boring and the other one has awesome prizes and a cool theme to match? My plan was to make my shower gift, the cool gift and I think I succeeded. As Jill, Amy, Lindsay and I have been on a couple girls weekends away, I chose the theme, "On a trip you go!"

I got my inspiration from a decorative box I found at Home Sense for $12.99. The box was a beautiful girly print and shaped like a piece of luggage. The perfect starting point.

I then filled the "luggage" with everything any female, young or old would need for a weekend away with her friends, including:
  • a toy that plays music, so that she and her friends would have music to listen to while getting ready;
  • a cute outfit to wear while shopping at her favourite stores;
  • a swimsuit for the hotel hot tub - every girl needs to relax after a day walking around town.
  • a nice dress to wear for a delicious meal and a night out on the town;
  • a pair of comfortable pajamas and
  • a plush stuffed animal to cuddle with after the long day.
Inside the "luggage" I wrote a poem for Ava explaining why I purchased each of the items for her and how they would help her on any over-night trip.

Jill also used the luggage box for Ava's sleepover trips to Grandma & Papa's house.

TIP: Find one item and build your theme gift around it.

Be unique!
The Gift Geek

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