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Friday, August 14, 2009

Remember the big Brothers and Sisters too!

You already know that my number 1 baby shower gift is a beautiful fleece blanket from Admiral Road, so I had to think of another post for today- keeping with the theme of the week.

I, like many (at least I hope other people do this) ensure that I always buy a gift for the older sibling of a new baby. I was nine when my first and only sister Emma entered the world and I still remember the jewelry box that my mom's friend Linda gave me. It was white with pastel coloured hot hair balloons on it. Emma was little and cute and I was a chatty and impatient. The gift from Linda reminded me that I was special too, but just much larger than a baby.

Over the years I have bought several gifts to keep the older siblings busy while mom and dad tended to the new baby, such as activity and sticker books, piggy banks and even jewelry boxes. None of the gifts were overly memorable, but all put a big smile on each of the kids faces.

When my friend Jill told me that she was selling Out and About Bags, I knew this would be a gift that any toddler (Jill suggests for ages 6 and under) would like.

The bags are great for overnight trips or for taking things to and from daycare. Some people even use them as diaper bags.

The bags are $35.00 (including tax)

My favourite? THE HORSE! It is adorable!

If you are interested in purchasing a bag, leave a comment and I will send you Jill's contact info. You won't be disappointed!

Keep on gift giving!
The Gift Geek

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