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Monday, August 10, 2009

It's Baby Week! Top 5 Gifts that will make Mommy & Baby :)

Every so often I will dedicate a week of blogging to a "gifting occasion". This week will be dedicated to baby shower gifts.

I have already shared my absolute favourite baby shower gift - personalized Admiral Road blankets, but over the years, I have been introduced to several other baby shower worthy gifts.

Baby Shower Gift #5
Gift - Wet Wipe Warmer
Where to buy? Babies R Us - Online
Cost? $49.66 (includes shipping and taxes)
How did I find it? A suggestion from my good friend Janine - mother of 3: Breann, Parnell & Camden

I have told many people about this gift and most have had the same reaction - "A WHAT?" When Janine and Trace welcomed their third child, I was stuck for what to buy little Camden. I know most people have almost everything they need once their third child arrives - but I couldn't let the birth of little Camden go uncelebrated. He is just too special and it isn't my style.

Janine told me little Camden was quivering each time he had his bottom wiped. The wipes were just too cold for his little bum. Some mom's who have successfully changed hundreds, if not thousands of diapers without the pleasure of owning the Prince Lionheart Ultimate Wipes Warmer may see this product as an unnecessary luxury, however times have changed and so have baby products. Remember when wet wipes didn't even exist? My question is - who says there is anything wrong with pampering your little ones? Janine has given the Prince Lionheart great reviews.

This product boasts the following features:
  • Will not brown or dry out wipes

  • Patented Ever-Fresh system keeps wipes fresh and moist

  • Works with pop-up or standard wipes

  • Uses low voltage adapter
Online, the average rating of this product is 4.5/5. Most importantly little Camden is enjoying his diaper changes more than ever! Doesn't he look happy?

TIP: Always read a variety of online reviews (both positive and negative) so that you can make an educated purchase. AND ... remember to leave your own review after each purchase. Smart consumers rely on them.

Happy gift giving and congratulations to all new and expectant mamas!

Yours in gift giving-
The Gift Geek

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