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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Looking for an alternative to a delicious, yet calorie filled cake?

My mom turned 50 in July 2009 and since October 2008 she has been working towards a healthier lifestyle. She is eating better, joined a running class and a boot camp as well. She looks AMAZING! (shown on the left with my sister and I)

When her birthday was rolling around, we knew she wouldn't eat a cake, but we couldn't let her birthday come-and-go without one. As a cake alternative we ordered a non-edible "flower cake"

I originally found this example online ...

... and sent it to our Super FABULOUS florist Julie of Wye Knot Flowers by Julie, to see if she could recreate it. She didn't let me down.

Mom was thrilled to receive a fabulous flower cake (below), complete with real candles and although there was an edible cake for her party, it will be the flower cake that she will always remember. She thought it was "so cool."

Another fun flower option is the "flower gift." We may just have get this for mom to celebrate 51!

Make your gifts count!
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