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Friday, August 21, 2009

Your favourite candies ... for your lips!

I found the cutest gift for my 11-year-old cousin. I hope she likes it! I think any girl, young or old would like this gift. I mean what female wouldn't love the combination of lip gloss and candy?

This 10 pack of PEZ flavoured lip gloss and lip balm retails for $20, however I was able to pick this gift pack up for $9.99 at Homesense. I also really like the nostalgia of the packaging. What isn't there to love?

I found similar lip balms and glosses in Bubalicious and various chocolate bar flavours. A true party on your lips!

If you have fun while buying gifts, both you and the recipient will enjoy the experience more.

I'll report back regarding Jocelyn's reaction to the gift. I have a feeling she will think it is cool.

Yours in gift giving -
The Gift Geek

UPDATE: Jocelyn loved the gift. She said the lip balm tasted very sweet and that the lip glosses smelled great!

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