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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Not just greeting cards. Favourite Stationery Find #3

16 Cards
4 each of 4 designs
17 Envelopes
Retails For: $45 USD
Purchased For; $4.99 CND at HomeSense

I found these adorable cards at HomeSense. I picked them up thinking they would make fantastic birthday cards for my friends under four feet. At second glance, I also think they would make adorable wall art for a child's room.

I think a lot of stationery now a days can be made into expensive wall art. I once bought a box of vintage Vogue postcards and framed them. They looked great. So great in fact that a visitor to my condo loved the idea and asked if I could spare a few cards for her house.

Before discarding the greeting cards you receive from your friends, ask yourself - what else can I do with this card? You may be surprised - journal covers, wall art, scrap booking and much more!

Be creative,
The Gift Geek

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